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Peritia Youth on Trust Awards

Peritia Youth on Trust Awards

Big Congratulations to are philosophy students who entered the Peritia Youth on Trust Awards. The standards were so high and some very interesting questions were asked! We are delighted that five of our students from across first and second year have been selected as finalists for the final round of judging. The ceremony for the announcement of the finalists from across Europe will take place on Wednesday, 25th of May at 11:30. Fingers crossed will see Naas Community College being represented in Brussels in the near future!

Here’s what are 5 semi finalists had to say about their projects:

Emilia Harrington (1st year student):

I chose the topic of trusting our friends more than our parents with our problems and secrets. I explained why it is alright not to share everything with our parents even though they love us.

Felix Cassidy (1st year student):

Instead of choosing a clear topic in relation to trust, I decided to base my project on trust itself. My project is about my personal definition of trust including its benefits and negatives. It goes into detail that trust can extend to many things and that trust is a major, but necessary, risk to all who have it.

Catalina Amat Caviglia (2nd year student):

The project I submitted for the Peritia Youth on Trust Award was questioning ‘what is trust’. I chose this question because I thought it was an important question to ask myself.

Aoife Byrne (2nd year student):

The project I submitted for the Peritia Youth on Trust Award analyses how much trust is too much trust. I also looked at how trust can change over a lifespan. My project was influenced by the philosopher Aristotle.

Even Gardener (2nd year student):

For my project I looked at ‘what makes someone trustworthy’. I discussed various elements that influence how we trust someone.

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