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Senior Cycle Book Purchase Scheme

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School Book Purchase Scheme in the Senior Cycle


Our aim is that all students are facilitated to have text books at reduced expense, of around 30%, to their parents or guardians.


2021 is the first year that our book purchase scheme will be established in our school. It is hoped that all incoming senior students will avail of the scheme and that we will assist in reducing the cost of education for parents or guardians.

Who is eligible for this scheme?

All families with a student entering 5th year are eligible for the book purchase scheme.


Parents or guardians are informed in late March / early April of the cost of the books for the upcoming year. Parents pay in full or in installments in May/June before the start of the school year using way2pay on our school website. This practice enables the school to source, purchase and process books before the commencement of the school year.

Annual Charges

Leaving Certificate Traditional - €200 approx

All money will be collected through way 2 pay which allows for payment in installments.


Teacher subject groups meet in March/April to decide on textbook requirements for the upcoming year. A final booklist for each subject is presented to the Principal before the end of May. For this system to work effectively and efficiently the school needs to know the composition of all subject groups in each year by mid-May. Parents or guardians submit their order of books to the school. You will be informed of the cost of the books with a discount applied. NCC will let you know when these books are available for collection. Parents or guardians will own the books and the school will not be buying them back at the end of sixth year.

Purchasing books

The school arranges for books to be purchased from a sole supplier, in line with the local KWETB’s procurement procedure. Families who wish to take part in the book purchase scheme will then purchase the majority of their booklist from NCC. Please note workbooks, examination papers, copies, biros etc. are not supplied by the scheme. Where possible any additional costs are outlined at the end of the booklist.

Distribution of books

Books will be distributed, where possible, before September of 5th year.


Can we still use the iPad in school?

Under this scheme, you purchase the hard copy textbooks. Each textbook has a code for an ebook that can be used on the iPad. Therefore your son/daughter can leave the hard copy of the book at home and just bring in the iPad with the ebook to school. However you'll need to purchase the books either way and the book purchase scheme offers you the textbooks at a reduced price.

What’s the difference between ‘book rental scheme’ and a ‘book purchase scheme’?

A book rental scheme gives parents the opportunity to sell books at the end of the senior cycle. A book purchase scheme is where textbooks, once purchased belong to the parents/ guardians. The school will not be responsible for buying the books at the end of the senior cycle.

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