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1st Year 2022-2023

Information for Incoming 1st Year Students 2022-2023

Key Dates

Return to school: Monday 29th August 2022 8.50am-1.20pm

Parent/Teacher Meeting: Monday 16th January 2023

Year Head contact details

Year Head - Ms. Eadaoin O'Grady

Assistant Year Head - Ms. Laura Crawford

Letter to Parents 10/06/22

Dear First Year Parents and Guardians

We are very much looking forward to meeting the First Year Students on 29th August on their first day in Naas Community College.

To aid in the transition to post-primary school, we have put together an information sheet which we hope you and your student will find useful.

First Year Information Sheet

  • On their first day, students will be provided with a journal, printed timetable, Google Classroom login details, and a detailed map of the school.

  • Over the next few days of school, students will be provided with a locker. During the holidays we suggest that students acquire a suitable keyring for their locker key. Spiral keyrings have been particularly popular with students in previous years because they can be attached to an item of uniform and will conveniently stretch to reach their locker.

  • Please invest time over the holidays in labelling all items of uniform, PE gear, school material/equipment, lunch boxes and water bottles etc. This will make the process of reuniting students with their belongings a much more positive experience, in the event that they misplace anything.

  • In early October 2022, a bonding trip to Baltinglass Outdoor Adventure Centre has been organised for all first year students. The cost for this trip will be approximately €40. A Way2Pay link for this trip will be sent to you by the end of next week. We hope the trip will prove to be a lovely day out for all.

  • Each year, vaccines are offered by the HSE Vaccination Programme in Post Primary Schools to first year students. Usually the HSE organises a date for the vaccinations and provides the school with information packs for students to bring home. It is often the case that the HSE will require the information packs to be signed and returned to the school within a matter of a few days. We recommend that families read up on the programme at the beginning of first year, in preparation for the visit by the HSE to the school.

  • School will begin at 8:50 and will finish at 1:20 on the 29th, 30th and 31st August. Usually, school finishes at 4:00 Monday to Thursday, and finishes at 1:20 on Friday.

  • The only subject for Junior Cycle that requires a textbook is Mathematics. For all other subjects, teacher generated content is distributed via Google Classroom. The textbook for First Year Mathematics will be made available in the school during Mathematics class. Payment for the Mathematics textbook is to be made via Way2Pay. A link for this textbook will be provided by the end of next week

  • The cost will be approx €25

  • Here is the NCC: Equipment list for First Years 2022-2023

  • Here is the NCC: FAQs sheet for First Year Parents, incorporating important details relating to uniform

  • This year, for the first time, students in first year will have two Year Heads, myself Éadaoin O'Grady and my colleague, Laura Crawford. We will work as a team to support first year students during their transition to post-primary school and for the remainder of the academic year.

We hope that your student enjoys the remainder of 6th class in their primary school and to their Summer holidays, and that they are looking forward to their new adventures in post-primary school in Naas Community College.

Kind regards

Éadaoin O'Grady & Laura Crawford

1st Year Equipment List

Equipment List for 1st Years 2022-2023.pdf

Incoming 1st Year Parents Information Evening

First Year Parents Information Night 2022.pdf

There will be an information evening for incoming 1st year parents on Wednesday the 4th of May 2022 at 6:30pm.. This meeting will take place via Zoom and a link will be sent to all incoming parents on Wednesday afternoon..

During this meeting will we discuss:

  • Organisation of the school day

  • The curriculum offered at Naas CC

  • The new Junior Cycle

  • Technology- including the ordering system for iPads

The administration fee of €100 is now due. All parents will have received a link via text to our online payment system (Way 2 Pay). This will allow you to pay the fee in instalments or in one lump sum . This administration fee covers the cost of your child’s journal, insurance, locker, sporting organisations affiliation fees, VSware costs, as well as a contribution towards school transport. If you did not receive the text or are having difficulties accessing the Way2Pay system please email

1st Year Cat 4 Assessments will take place in September after your children have started.


**Wriggle store extension - open until until 21st June 2022**

In relation to the purchase of student iPads the Wriggle store opened on the 5th of April 2022 and will close on the 21st of June 2022. Through this online store you will be able to purchase your child’s iPad, protective cover and insurance if desired. The iPad will then be delivered to you over the summer just in time for starting first year at the end of August 2022. To access the Wriggle Store please follow the steps below:

More information about the iPads will be discussed at the meeting next week.

If you have any queries please email

Google Classroom Demo

Google Classroom Demo for Incoming 1st Year Parents

FAQs for First Year Parents

FAQs 2022.pdf

Do students need to have school books?


The school does not recommend parents buying school books. They are not required for classes. Teachers have created resources which are available to students on Google Classroom. These resources provide all the content necessary to follow the Junior Cycle curriculum.

Where do I get the school uniform?

The school uniform is available from Richie Whelan’s Menswear, 12 North Main St., Naas.

The uniform consists of:

  • White shirt/blouse (can be bought in any shop)
  • Grey school trousers (can be bought in any shop)
  • Skirt (can only be bought in Richie Whelan’s)
  • School jumper (can only be bought in Richie Whelan’s)

The PE uniform consists of:

  • Navy tracksuit bottoms (can be bought in any shop. MUST be fully navy or Navy with a white stripe). Leggings are not permitted.
  • Navy school PE t-shirt (can only be bought in Richie Whelan’s)
  • School PE top (can only be bought in Richie Whelan’s)

Can girls wear trousers?

Yes. Girls can wear grey school slacks if they wish.

What shoes are acceptable?

  • Students must wear shoes which are fully black.
  • Runners are acceptable but they must be completely black, this includes soles and laces.
  • Runners which are non-slip and fully support the student’s ankle and foot must be worn for PE.
  • Flat sole shoes and casual trainers are not acceptable for PE.

Can students wear make-up to school?

  • Make-up must be natural and discreet. If this is not the case, students will be asked to remove it.

What stationery do students need?

Please see separate equipment list sheet.

When does school start?

The exact date will be communicated to you before the end of May; we are still finalising the school calendar.

What time should students be there on the first day?

The day will start at 8.50 am but we recommend students arriving around 8.30 am so that they can mingle and chat.

Can I come with my child on the first day?

Many parents choose to drop their son / daughter to school on the first day. The principal and deputy principal will be there to greet everyone! Along with 1st year Year Head and Tutors.

What time does school start and finish?

The school day starts at 8.50 am and finishes at 4pm. On Fridays school finishes at 1.20pm.

Students should arrive at school by 8.40 am.

What time does the school building open?

The school building opens at 8am. It is not possible to drop your son / daughter before this.

What time does school finish on the first day?

Students will finish at 1:20pm on their first day.

Are students allowed to leave school during lunch?

Students are not allowed to leave school during the day.

If a student lives close to school and wishes to go home from lunch, parents / guardians must make a request to the school in writing.

Are there canteen facilities in the school?

There are no canteen facilities in our current school building.

Students should bring a packed lunch each day.

The school operates a healthy eating policy and discourages students from bringing unhealthy food, sweets etc. to school. Fizzy drinks are banned and will be confiscated.

We do plan to have a canteen in our new building.

What time is lunch?

Small break 11.00-11.20 am

Lunch 1.20-2.00 pm

Can a student change subject options now or during the first couple of weeks?

The options classes have been organised now and many classes are full. It may not be possible therefore to change classes. However, if you have any issues with options, please email

Is there a bus to school?

The school does not deal with any queries about school transport.

Any queries should be made directly to the Bus Éireann School Transport Office on 01 8302222

Will students get a locker?

Yes. Students will be provided with their own locker.

Students should bring a keyring to school on their first day. They will be given one key and their tutor will keep a sparekey.
If a student loses a key, it will cost €10 to get a new one cut.

When will students get their timetable?

Students will be given their timetable on the first day of school.

Will students get a journal?

Yes. Students will be given a journal on the first day.

What class will my child be in?

There are 7 first year classes: Ash1, Birch1, Elm1, Holly1, Oak1, Willow1 and Yew1 Students will be assigned classes on the first day.

Will my child be in the same class as their friend / other students from their primary school?

Students are randomly assigned class groups.

If you have any specific requests, you should contact the school. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all requests but we will do our best.



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