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Mission Statement and Ethos

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This school aspires to be a place of learning where students not only meet their full potential but are challenged to excel in new areas. It aspires to be a place that inspires a love of learning and a passion for creativity. It aspires to be a place where kindness and integrity are central to all that we do. It aspires to be a place where hard work and dedication are valued. It aspires to be a place where individuality of thought and character are cherished and supported. It aspires to be a place where people are encouraged in the strength of their convictions, but challenged by the convictions of others. It aspires to be a community strengthened by its diversity and multiplicity. It aspires to be a place where praise, encouragement, acceptance and fun are part of our everyday experience. It aspires to be a place where achievement is lauded and aspired to by all students. It aspires to be a place that is inclusive and understanding but never condescending. It aspires to be a place where the promotion of good physical and mental health is an everyday desire. It aspires to be a place where openness, justice and transparency are fundamental in all that we do. It aspires to be a place where communication and consultation are central to all decision making. It aspires to be a place open to change and innovation. It aspires to be a place where leadership and vision are encouraged.

This school will ensure that students are effectively prepared for success at state exams and every other measure of achievement that currently exists; but we will seek to do more than that. We intend to foster an environment where students will enjoy a rich social and cultural experience during their school years to go along side their academic development.

We intend to ensure, in partnership with their families, that students of this school are properly prepared for their future in society.
Much current education philosophical research has placed great importance, for schools and students, on the “4 C’s”: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity. We endorse that thinking but seek to add one more: Courage, in the willingness to challenge themselves; and by remaining strong in their individual convictions and beliefs.

We commit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence and to honesty and reflection in that pursuit. We commit ourselves to innovation and continual learning. We acknowledge that education in our school will continue to adapt and change to meet the needs of society; but we commit ourselves to remaining true to the aspirations articulated.

We intend to play an active role in our community, to be an institution that educates in the first instance, but which also contributes to and supports the various elements of our community. We intend to play a leading role within the KWETB organisation of which we are part, as well as the wider learning community of this town, county and country.

Finally, this Mission Statement will be a living document, that will change with the contributions of our community and through the collective experiences we share.

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