Naas Community College

COVID-19 Response Plan

Naas Community College

COVID-19 Response Plan

The response plan is constantly under review and amendments are made on a regular basis.

NCC Covid Response Plan

Close Contact Guidelines


Guidelines on Ventilation in Classrooms

Guidelines on Ventilation.pdf

Covid-19 Guidelines at Naas Community College and Covid-19 Pack information

Each student is required to bring a Covid 19 kit to school. It should contain a pack of sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, sandwich bags and a spare mask. Sanitizer and wipes will be provided in school but it is prudent that all students also have their own supply.

Map of School's One-Way System

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  • All staff and students must wear a face mask. The use of a visor instead of a mask is not permitted due to the prevalence of the new Covid variants in our community.
  • Parents/guardians are asked not to congregate outside the school grounds and to maintain a social distance of 2m at all times.

  • Visitors will not be permitted on school grounds; this includes the dropping off of school materials or lunches. We must minimise the amount of people on the school premises, therefore we ask for your cooperation in this matter.

  • If you do need to visit the school e.g. in the case of an emergency, please wear a mask and follow the one way system.

Supporting the Safe Provision of Schooling Inspection 2021

76194S_Supporting the Safe Provision of Schooling_28385_20211110 (1).pdf

Please find attached documents and links in relation to the return to school:

1. COVID-19 Response Plan for the safe and sustainable operation of Post Primary Schools

2. Assessment Arrangements for Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate Examinations 2022

3. Leaving Certificate Applied 2021-22

4. Video advice for parents and students at different levels

5. Posters/graphics advice for parents

6. Multilingual advice for parents

7. Communications to Parents regarding School Transport – SEN and Post Primary

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